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Club History

Cricket team c.1900 2 (1).jpg

Team photograph circa 1900

Rainhill Cricket Club has a history stretching back to 1871.

Club volunteers have compiled a detailed history of the club from its beginnings to the present day. While a lot of work and research has gone into this, inevitably there will be gaps and potentially the odd mistake. If you have anything you would like to add to this history please contact us at

Due the the length of this history, it is being presented here in seperate sections for different eras. Click on the link below for the relevant chapter. At some points we have linked to documents or photographs.

Links to external sites are in blue text.

Links to documents are in red text.

Links to photographs are in green text.


Early years (1871-1918)

The inter-war years (1918-1939)

Improvements and progression (1939-1970)

Successes in the Seventies (1971-1979)

Onwards and upwards (1980-1989)

A time of change (1990-1999)

New horizons (2000-2009)

Further progress and the Qureshi era (2010-2016)

New challenges (2017-present)


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