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Inclusion & Diversity Officer

Rainhill Cricket Club is looking for an enthuasiastic individual to serve as its inclusion and diversity officer.

At a time when cricketing bodies are taking inclusion and diversity issues more seriously than ever, Rainhill CC is determined to ensure that we are inclusive and diverse. To this end we would like to recruit an inclusion and diversity officer to guide the committee in inclusion and diversity matters and to help evaluate what progress is being made.


Please note that we are looking for people who are happy to take a lead on these matters but, as members of the committee, will be working in collaboration with other committee members to achieve their goals. The committee will fully support individuals to carry out their roles.


No specific experience is required but knowledge of inclusion and diversity issues, sympathy with Rainhill CC's intentions and previous work in promoting inclusion and diversity are desirable. 

Contact: Interested parties should contact Peter Mercer at

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