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RCC Last Man Stands Team


About Last Man Stands Cricket

Last Man Stands (LMS) is the world's largest amateur cricket league, and this unique format of cricket has players in the UK, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Barbados and South Africa - as well as less traditional homes of cricket such as Austria, the USA, Argentina, China, Bhutan, Finland, Rwanda and even the tiny island of St Helena! 

A global phenomenon, LMS is actually quite simple. It is an 8 a-side, 2 hour long T20 game with Double Play and Steal rules. It is a form of cricket designed for amateur cricket of all abilities while also giving opportunities to all to excel. Participating teams can take part in the LMS World Cup or LMS Super Series events.

Rainhill's LMS team have been successful in recent years and, in 2020 and 2021, were the Warrington and District LMS champions.

Rainhill's current LMS captain is Panchu Xavier.

2023 fixtures and results

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