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RCC membership fees

Membership fees for 2023 are:

Juniors (8-18 years)


Individual: £13 per month
Multiple juniors from the same family: £20 per month
Aged 16-18 and playing senior cricket - £55 per year


Male (over 18) - £80 per year

Male (intermediate*) - £55 per year

Female (over 18) - £55 per year

Female (intermediate*) - £55 per year

Male/female player playing only Recreational cricket - £35


Family Membership (for parents and under 16s)

Two parents** and one child - £90 per year + £13 monthly

Two parents** and multiple children - £90 per year + £20 monthly

One female parent and one child - £45 per year + £13 monthly***

One male parent and one child - £70 per year + £13 monthly***

* Intermediate players are those in full-time education or unwaged.

** RCC is an inclusive that welcomes same-sex couples. The family membership of £90 applies to both opposite-sex parents and male same-sex parents. In the case of two female same-sex parents, the fee would be £70.

*** For one parent and multiple children, the monthly junior rate is £20.

Social Membership (non-playing) - £25 per year

Recreation Club Social Member - £10



The standard match fees are as follows:

Male (over 18 and intermediate): £12 for the first match of a weekend; £6 for the second.

Male (aged 16-18): £6

Female (playing senior cricket): £12

Female (playing women's cricket): £3

Guest fee (for Recreational team only): non-registered players can play a maximum of three games without taking out club membership. The match fee is £15 (male) and £10 (female).

Please note that all juniors aged under 16 years are exempt from the requirement to pay a match fee for either a first or second weekend game.

Disabled players' annual subscriptions and match fees are 50% of the standard rate.

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