RCC membership

Membership fees for 2021 are:

Juniors (8-15 years) - £10 per month
Seniors - £55 annually

Intermediate (aged 16-20, in f/t education or unwaged) - £35
Social Member - £25

Recreation Club Social Member - £6

Standard match fees for senior and intermediate players are £10 for a Saturday match. On Sundays the fees are £10 if it is the first match played that weekend and £5 if the second (£5 and £0 respectively if an intermediate player). 

From April 2021, the £10 fee for intermediates has been reduced to £5 for all under 18s and unwaged playersThis does not include intermediate players over 18 yrs in full time education or those aged 19-20 and in paid employment. However, if a player for whom the reduction applies plays a second weekend game they should pay a second £5 match fee.


Please note that all juniors (i.e. aged under 16 years) are exempt from the requirement to pay a match fee for either a first or second weekend game.