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Christmas raffle 'a great success'

A total of £2,920 raised!

Rainhill Cricket Club would like to thank everyone who made Wednesday evening’s online raffle a great success.

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who generously donated prizes – Mike and Ben have calculated that these were worth in excess of £2,600. In particular we’d like to thank the many local business who offered prizes including the Blue Mango, Sandymount Physio, Bridge Barbers, DNA Fitness, Forge Fitness, Beuty on View, Cleanse Smart, Spice Inn, Harefield Butchers and Blundells Hill Golf Club.

Secondly, thank you to everyone who bought a ticket. We managed to raise an impressive total of £1,920 from the raffle, of which Barclays will match fun £1000 meaning the overall amount raised will be £2,920. Given that the Christmas party was cancelled for Covid-related safety reasons, we are delighted that the raffle has been so successful.

Finally, well done to everyone who won a prize. The list of winners is as follows:

Prize Ticket Name

Beauty on View Green 476 Graham Powell

Blue Mango Yellow 456 Phil Morgan

Spice Inn Blue 446 Bobbie Grant

DNA Pass (7) Green 71 James Saunders

DNA (10) Yellow 436 Rob McKeown

Wine Club voucher Blue 366 Martin Lowrie

Bracelet Pink 141 Liam O’Toole

Old Trafford coaching Green 416 Paul McCabe

RCC summer camp Green 271 Joe Crossley

Harefield Pink 281 Alan Higham

Blundells Golf Green 111 Stuart Brown

B&B Yellow 321 Catherine Hoather

Bat Yellow 261 John Veacock

“ Green 61 James Saunders

A5 Pawtrait Green 241 Andrew Finney

Pilates Pink 166 Steve Bell

Spa box Pink 251 Julie Bennett

Sanitisation Yellow 391 Colin Williamson

4-ball golf @Hartman Yellow 481 Harry

Golf @Nefyn Pink 111 Harry

Forge Fitness Green 396 Ann Daniels

Teeth whitening Yellow 181 Jamie Harrison

LFC picture Blue 486 Michelle Hall

EFC ticket Pink 186 Tilley

EFC shirt Green 186 Ken

Rainhill Rocks Yellow 1 Richard Appleton

Dad & lad Green 471 Graham Powell

Candle set Yellow 221 Ryan Meah

Nail varnish Green 306 Mike Rotheram

Prosecco Green 32 Mike Bradley

Pink Gin Green 176 Ken

JD Pink 286 Alan Higham

Shiraz Blue 431 Deepak Gupta

Pink Gin Yellow 466 Harry

Small wine Yellow 21 Mike Bradley

JP Merlot Yellow 441 Rob McKeown

Champagne Yellow 426 Ben’s gran

“ Blue 276 Simon Brown

Famous Grouse Blue 186 John Ball

“ Yellow 371 Cheryl Gordon

Southern Comfort Yellow 201 John Rotheram

Bushmills Malt Pink 176 Tracy

B&H set Blue 281 John Pearson

Wine Blue 126 Victoria Ashcroft

“ Yellow 236 Ryan Meah

“ Green 371 Jane Heyes

Rioja wine Green 126 Edith Mercer

Spotlight Green 86 Carlo Albanese

Vodka Pink 156 Katie Roberts

Port Blue 106 Stacey Stokoe

Hand and body lotion Yellow 301 Liam Pearson

Footy Factory Yellow 86 Peter Kelly

Socks Green 376 Jane Heyes

Ferrero Rocher Pink 256 Jack Lowrie

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