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Club Awards 2021

Rainhill CC's annual club awards event was held on 10th October

Rainhill Cricket Club's annual awards event took place on Sunday 10th October 2021 at the Blue Mango restaurant. Junior prizes were presented by England batsman Keaton Jennings.

The winners of the awards are as follows:

Under 15s

Most improved player: Olly Unsworth

Batting award: Stevie Pennington

Bowling award: Sam Addy

Players' player of the year: Stevie Pennington and Sam Addy

Under 13s

Most improved player: Kieran Rose

Batting award: Stevie Pennington

Bowling award: Jack Tyms

Player of the year: Stevie Pennington

Under 11s

Most improved player: Finlay Venables

Batting award: Nathan Lawler

Bowling award: Finnlee Millar

Player of the year: Naithan Varghese and Mattie Ambage

Under 9s

Awards were presented to all under 9s who had played in a tournament

Under 18s girls

Most improved player: Paris Cook

Batting award: Sarah Curlett

Bowling award: Lucy Strettle

Players' player of the year: Katie Roberts

Under 15s girls

Batting award: Lily Murphy

Bowling award: Amber Bowie & Chloe Gillespie

Players' player of the year: Katie Roberts

Under 10s girls

The under 10s team completed the season with a 100% winning record: played 13, won 13. Consequently, all players were presented with a trophy commemorating the achievement.

Womens' team

Most improved player: Julie Foulkes

Batting award: Bobbie Grant

Bowling award: Susan Rotheram

Players' player of the year: Sue Lowrie

Sunday XI

Most improved player: Adam Lawler

Batting award: Vinny Varghese

Bowling award: Steve Bell

Players' player of the year (Joe Crossley Trophy): Paul Millar

3rd XI

Batting award: Neil Robinson

Bowling award: John Ball

Player of the year: Ethan Powell

2nd XI

Most improved player: Luis Duffy

Batting award: Mark Viggars

Bowling award: Sam WIlliamson

Player of the year: Ethan Powell

1st XI

Most improved player: Jack Lowrie

Batting award: Tyler McGladdery

Bowling award: Peter Kelly

Player of the year: Tyler McGladdery

Club awards

Clubman of the year: John Pearson

Young player of the year: Jack Lowrie

Outstanding service: John Veacock and Tom McKeown

Chairman's award: Phil Morgan

President's award / Long Service Award: Andrew Finney

Many thanks to all who attended and the Blue Mango restaurant for its ongoing support and generous donations of prizes.

Some photos of the event can be viewed in the gallery below.

Watch the video of the club awards below as John Pearson and Andrew Finney receive their respective awards for their incredible service. John continues to coach the under 9s, umpire and serve as club treasurer while Andrew has completed 50 years as the first team's scorer.Also featured are the Young Player of the Year award, Scorers' awards and Ourstanding Service awards.

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