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Could you break a world record?

Could you dress in cricket whites in under 38.352 seconds?

Rainhill Cricket Club will attempt to break a world record as part of a fundraising initiative to build a new scorebox at the club’s Victoria Terrace ground.

Players, members and friends are invited to beat the fastest time to dress in cricket whites (batsman gear) which was held by James Bush of Turville Park Cricket Club until earlier this month, when Blue Peter's Lindsey Russell managed to put on batting gear of a cricket shirt, two pads, an arm guard, a helmet and two gloves in an astonishing 38.352 seconds. This knocked 13 seconds off the previous best time.

The record attempt will take place at the club on Saturday 2nd October. This is to allow an extra weekend for potential Covid-related postponements. Times are yet to be determined and will depend on the number of people taking part. It is hoped that we will be able to do this outside but, if weather prevents it, it will take place within the clubhouse.

Only one individual will undertake the record at any one time, and participants will each be given a five-minute slot in advance. The record can be attempted multiple times within these five minutes. All attempts will be supervised and strictly monitored in accordance with advice from Guinness World Records (GWR). A video recording will be made of each attempt to forward to GWR in the event of the current best time being broken; the club would also like to publish the video of the quickest time recorded on the day on the RCC website. All other videos will be deleted.

Participants will start off wearing either cricket pants and t-shirt shirt, or even plain clothes. They will stand with the shirt, pads, arm guard, helmet and gloves laid on the floor in any way they like but the attire must be put on properly and in that order. The clock will start on the command of the overseer and will stop when the particpant has correctly put on the gloves.

Participants are expected to bring their own equipment.

While it’s not necessarily expected that the record will be broken, the venture is about so much more than beating a time.

With 2021 being the club’s 150th anniversary we've been looking at ways to mark it. Not only It was important that it was something that everyone associated with the club – whether they play for the under 9s, the women’s team or the men’s 1st team – could be involved in. It would be great for the local community to take part in it and players from other clubs would also be very welcome. It's a fun way to end the season and of course will hopefully help fund a new scorebox that will allow people continue to enjoy cricket in Rainhill for many years to come.

The club approached GWR about the particular record in February, before Blue Peter decided to have a go at breaking it themselves. Lindsey's successful atempt of course makes the challenge even more difficult although, on the plus side, there is the video evidence to show how she did it. Can we do better? Let's have a go!

Anyone, of any age or gender, who wants to participate in the record attempt should contact Andrew Page ( Sponsor forms will be sent to participants and an online page will be set up to allow sponsors to make their donations online.

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