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Father's Day match "a lot of fun"

19 people took part in pairs game

(Not a photo of the Fathers' Day game. The players in this picture are far too svelte...)

As Rainhill Recreationals' opponents pulled out of Sunday's game, captain Joe Crossley organised an intra-club Fathers' Day match.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon over 19 people took part in a special pairs match, with each pair (usually a father-and-son or father-and-daughter duo) facing four overs.

Runs were scored, wickets were taken, surprisingly competent catches were held, and one or two people played their first cricket for a few years. Some of the younger players turned in excellent performances, while a few of the dads displayed a serious competitive streak!

The game was also enjoyed by a number of spectators and there was general agreement that the day was "a lot of fun" and should be repeated next year. It was not a competition as such, but with some friendly rivalry going on between the various pairs it seems fair to announce that the highest scoring pair were Andy and April Jones. Well done everyone who took part, especially those dads who produced some unexpectedly good strokes, catches and athletic fielding!

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