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What happened at the AGM

The club's AGM was held on Monday 28th November

Rainhill Cricket Club's Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 28th November, with 22 members in attendance.

The meeting opened with a joint statement from the chairman and club captain on the club's performance in 2022.

In this address, Mike Rotheram thanked volunteers, scorers, coaches and captains. He said that "the diversity of the package [we offer] is the club's greatest strength" and drew attention to the club gaining Disability Cricket Champion Club status. He also spoke about the Gala, which raised around £7,000 and has funded the purchase of a new scoreboard.

On playing issues, Mike pointed to the success of the 1st XI reaching the Echo Cup final, the 3rd team narrowly missing out on the championship and the Recreationals having "more players than ever before". He emphasised that the "club environment has improved" due to the ongoing development of the women's section, although stressed that it must become "more female friendly". The junior ranks have been swelled in 2022, with 86 members compared to 70 in 2021. Dynamos and All-Stars continue to have a significant effect on bringing young people into the club.

It was also noted that Rainhill has moved up the LDCC grounds league table - testament to the quality of the ground.

Overall, the chairman and club captain were of the view that "the club is in a healthy place" and that "the key to future success will be growing the volunteer base".

A trophy was presented to Joe Crossley, who has played for the club across six decades and has retired as Recreational team captain - although not from playing! Mike Rotheram and Andrew Page delivered tributes to his inclusive approach to cricket.

The club accounts were approved, as were new subscription fees and match fees. It was agreed that all senior annual subscriptions will be increased by £10, with juniors' monthly subs increased by £1 (for one child) and £2 (in the case of two). There were no changes to match fees except for women playing in senior cricket - it was agreed that all people playing in senior matches (rather than women-only games) should pay the same.

A number of constitutional changes were agreed, including a new section on equity and diversity.

The following officers were re-elected: John Rotheram (chair), Peter Mercer (Secretary) and Ben Edmundson (Treasurer). The following were elected to the management committee: , Julie Foulkes, Matt Lawler, Paul Millar, Andrew Page and Mike Rotheram. Craig Brougham was re-appointed as safeguarding officer.

Captains for 2023 are as follows: Club captain - Mike Rotheram 1st XI - Paul Ford 2nd XI - Adam Edwards 3rd XI - Matt Lawler

4th XI - Deepak Gupta Recreationals - Andrew Page Women - Sue Lowrie LMS - Panchu Xavier

It was confirmed that the club will once again host a Gala event on 27th August 2023. A sub-committee will be set up for this purpose, and the need for volunteers was emphasised. The club is also looking at the possiblity of putting on a fireworks event.

Members were invited to put forward their own ideas in regards the club's priorities going forward, which resulted in some interesting and lively dicussion.

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