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Win, win, win!

Women make perfect start to Softball League

Rainhill 276-1

Newton-le-Willows 236-4

Rainhill 276-1

Rainford 236

Rainhill 235-1

Maudsley 205-4

Rainhill's women’s team won all three of their first round matches in the LDCC Women's Softball League on Sunday.

In the first match, against Newton -le-Willows, Rainhill batted first and posted 276 for 1 from 8 overs. Under Softball rules each team starts on 200, with every run scored adding one to the total and the loss of a wicket subtracting five. Newton le Willows finished on 236 for 4, giving Rainhill a 40 run victory.

In the second game Rainhil posted an identical score against Rainford, and once again emerged victorious by a 40-run margin. The final encounter saw Rainhill post a more modest 235 for 1, but Maudsley were only able to reach 205 for 4 meaning Rainhill had recorded a fantastic trio of victories and got their league campaign off to a perfect start.

Caoch Mike Rotheram emphasised the team effort behind the wins, but also pointed to some individual achievements. In particular, Sue Lowry played some super straight drives down the ground for 4 and took a one-handed caught and bowled. Susan Rotheram took two very difficult potentially match-winning catches. Julie Folkes provided steady batting, averaging a run per ball and rising to the pressure with bullseye straight bowling. Vicky Graham took on Lancashire U13s bowling with a beautiful pull shot. Lucy Strettle and Sarah Curlett took key wickets at crucial times, and also demonstrated their power when batting with several 4s and 6s. Jane Curlett was steady with the bat and her daughter, Sarah, providing a solid start in each game when bowling with her repeatable action. Diane Bowie made two run outs with some great anticipation in the field.

All in all, it was an impressive opening round of matches for Rainhill and bodes well for the remainder of the season.

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