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Women impress in tournament

Women's side continues to make progress

Rainhill's women's team continue to make progress, and their most recent tournament demonstrated the level of talent within the group.

On Sunday, Rainhill came up against two of the top four teams in the shape of Wavertree and Liverpool. Far from overawed, Rainhill's women put in creditable and indeed strong performances against experienced opposition and in two of their matches came within a whisker of winning.

The results of their four matches are as follows:

Match 1 Liverpool 247, Rainhill 228

Match 2 Wavertree 249, Rainhill 242

Match 3 Liverpool 247, Rainhill 246

Match 4 Wavertree 260, Rainhill 235

Coach Mike Rotheram said: "Our ladies did themselves proud. We improved immeasurably over the 4 games, narrowly missing out on victory in two of our matches. There was much improved bowling, clean ball striking and excellent catches taken.

"We only took 2 wickets in 4 games last week. This week we averaged 3 wickets per game. Last week our top score was the final match where we posted 238. This week we scored 246. This group of ladies are having fun, and it’s a pleasure to coach them."

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